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Narwhals Are Real, And They Could Be in Real Trouble

Narwhals aren’t the stuff of myth—and they’re facing a very real threat as their habitats warm. PUBLIC DOMAIN

NARWHALS ARE SOMETIMES CALLED THE “unicorns of the sea.” Like their fictional equine counterparts, narwhals appear to have a horn or tusk—it actually functions more like a tooth—galloping straight out of their heads. Over the centuries, narwhals swam through the realm of folklore, figuring especially prominently in Inuit tales. They also float amid not-quite-truths: In the 16th century, naturalists depicted narwhals as something like razor-toothed alligators with saws erupting through their skulls. One described the whale as “a sea-monster that has in its brow a very large horn wherewith it can pierce and wreck vessels and destroy many men.”

Unlike unicorns, narwhals occupy space in the real world. The whales mostly congregate in Arctic waters around Greenland, Russia, and northern Canada, where they’re known to dive nearly a mile


We have a LAST MINUTE OPENING for 1 observer for September-October 2018. Please see description of the internship below.
Oceanic Observatory of Madeira (OOM/ARDITI) is currently opening  INTERNSHIPS FOR SUMMER in Madeira Island (Portugal)
The Oceanic Observatory of Madeira (OOM) is a research unit within the Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation (ARDITI), located in Madeira Island, Portugal. OOM seeks to become a centre of excellence dedicated to research and permanent monitoring of the ocean. This initiative brings together a multidisciplinary scientific community, joining several institutions with the aim of promoting cooperation and resource optimization. http://oom.arditi.pt

OOM/ARDITI is looking for 1 intern to help with our marine mammals' research project based in Madeira Island, Portugal.

We are currently filling positions for September - October 2018

Internship Details:
The interns will be enrolled in data collection on board ferries with a fixed route between Madeira

FUNDING: Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (SOST) Need Topic - Call for Pre-proposals

The Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (SOST), which is a
partnership between the Office of Naval Research, Chief of Naval
Operations N45, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Marine Mammal
Commission, is interested in funding research pertaining to the
development of audiograms for mysticetes. The Living Marine Resources
(LMR) program, at the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary
Warfare Center, is leading the solicitation process and is requesting
pre-proposals for this topic. Details regarding the need topic can be
viewed within the official Broad Agency Announcement (BAA)
N39430-18-S-2067 and associated Appendices at www.neco.navy.mil,
www.fbo.gov, or at http://navysustainability.dodlive.mil/lmr/. There is
no specific format required for the pre-proposal, however, the
information required in the pre-proposal is outlined in Appendix A of
the announcement. The pre-proposal should be consolid!
ated into one single file and should not exceed 10 pages in length.
All pre-proposals should be submitted via email to
exwc_lmr_program@navy.mil. Pre-proposals for this topic will be accepted
until 11:59 PM PST on 31 August 2018.

If invited, offerors will be asked to submit a full proposal.
Pre-proposals and full proposals will be shared with SOST
representatives from each of the Federal agencies/entities listed above,
in order for them to provide input on funding selections. Additionally,
pre-proposals and full proposals evaluated through this BAA may be used
to execute contracts or grants directly with the other Federal
agencies/entities, separate from the LMR program.

Anu Kumar
Program Manager
Living Marine Resources Program

Mandy Shoemaker
Deputy Program Manager
Living Marine Resources Program

INTERNS: Recruiting for Fall Internships at The Marine Mammal Center

Recruiting for Fall Internships at The Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center is looking for qualified applicants to fill exciting fall internships! Below are the open positions with links to view the full position descriptions and how to apply.

Research and Science Internship (Full-time), Main Hospital, Sausalito, CA:

Marine Mammal Rescue Internship (Part-time), Main Hospital, Sausalito, CA:

Marine Mammal Rescue Internship (Full-time), Main Hospital, Sausalito, CA:

Marine Mammal Rescue Internship (Full-time), Monterey Bay Operations, Moss Landing, CA:

Conservation Education Internship (Part-time), Main Hospital, Sausalito, CA:

Please email intern@tmmc.org if you have any questions!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

TRAINING: Cetacean Research/Field Training in Comoros Islands, Indian Ocean

Cetacean Research/Field Training in Comoros Islands, Indian Ocean

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. (Centre for Research Conservation and Development) and the Marine Mammals Research Association (DMAD) are happy to announce the upcoming cetacean research and field training in the Comoros Island, Indian Ocean. The training is going to take place between 15th September 2018 and 15th October 2018. Joining our team of international researchers is a once in a lifetime opportunity to gain important scientific, analysing and conservation skills in the marine mammal research field.

Partners involved:

Moidjio C.R.C.A.D. is the host organisation and is a French/Comorian research and conservation centre based in the Comoros islands. It primary aim is conservation through science and help to the development of local initiatives for the sustainable use of biodiversity. This translates by putting together scientific programs on several taxa that will

FUNDING: Funding Opportunity

Please see this funding opportunity for assessment and mitigation of marine mammal bycatch in developing country fisheries:

Timothy B. Werner, PhD
Senior Scientist, and
Director, Consortium for Wildlife Bycatch Reduction
Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life
New England Aquarium 02110-3399  USA

Tel.: 617-226-2137
Website: www.bycatch.org

Monday, July 09, 2018

JOBS: job opportunities in the New England area

PAM Operators needed for two upcoming projects in the NY/NJ area.  First project expected to start mid-July and last about 11-15 days.  The second project is expected to start at the end of July and last 20-30 days.  Offshore safety training required.  Any offshore medical certificate will work.  Contact Teresa Bohuszewicz at tbohuszewicz@marineventures.com.

Teresa Bohuszewicz | MMO/PSO Services Mgr
Marine Ventures International, Inc.

8524 SW Kansas Avenue
Stuart, FL USA 34997
+1 772-419-9627 Main Office
+1 772 419-9634 Direct
+1 321-537-3291 old number
+1 772-419-9628 Fax

Sunday, July 08, 2018

INTERNS: Namibian Internship_2018

The Namibian Dolphin Project is a research and conservation organization run by several independent scientists based in southern Africa. We are running an intensive field season this year and still have some places available for interns to join between 01 and 31 August 2018 in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

Interns will join an active research programme during an intensive period of field work aiming to tackle a number of research questions including long-term population monitoring (photo ID and static acoustic monitoring), behavioural acoustics of bottlenose dolphins (linking sounds to behaviours), behavioural and acoustic responses to anthropogenic activities and response to stranded cetaceans (refloatation/data collection). Our focal study species are Heaviside's dolphins, a small population of common bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales with additional data collection on right whales, sunfish (Mola mola), African Penguins, sea turtles, jackals and Cape fur seals.

Internships are research focused with an emphasis on learning (and using) field skills in cetacean research such as photo-identification, acoustic and behavioural data collection, as well as data management and team work. Interns will work closely with the project leaders Dr Tess Gridley and Dr Simon Elwen. We are amenable to students using data collected during internships for student projects.

If you are interested in joining our research team please contact us with a brief motivation and your CV in an email with the subject Research Internship 2018_Namibia to nam.dolphin.edu@gmail.com.

More information can be found on the Namibian Dolphin Project and our umbrella organisation Sea Search (including publications) by following these links (www.namibiandolphinproject.org  www.seasearch.co.za)

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding this training opportunity.

Namibian Dolphin Project Team

INTERNS: FWC Marine Mammal Internship in Port Charlotte, FL

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Marine Mammals section at the Charlotte Harbor Field Lab in Port Charlotte, FL is accepting applications for fall interns.

The Southwest Field Lab is offering one internship to a driven, self-motivated individual for the Fall 2018 season. The expected start date for the fall internship is late August-early September, however, start dates will be flexible.  Working hours are typically four to five days a week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Some additional night and weekend hours may be required. The position is located in Port Charlotte on the west coast of Florida, just north of Fort Myers. The intern's duties would include assisting with manatee and cetacean carcass salvage, necropsies, research projects (temperature monitoring, Photo ID, etc.), public outreach, and occasional rescues. The intern will also assist with office duties including mortality reports, upkeep of databases, and other office work as needed. To perform the tasks mentioned, interns will operate FWC trucks and dependent upon experience, trailers and boats up to 22' in length. At the end of the internship, interns are required to complete a project and a 10-15

Saturday, July 07, 2018

INTERNS: Dolphin Training and Cognition Internship

Dolphin Training and Cognition Internship
This unpaid internship involves learning to care for and train captive dolphins for cognitive research. The work will be undertaken at the US Navy Marine Mammal facility at Point Loma, San Diego. This 18-month internship is broken down into two phases, for which interns will receive college credits. For the first 9 months, interns will be taught (through the National Marine Mammal Foundation's training program) the maintenance and husbandry behaviors required for the care and feeding of bottlenose dolphins, as well as the rudiments of dolphin training. After successful completion of this phase, the interns will then conduct cognitive research with these animals, under the direction of Dr. Christine Johnson, from UCSD's Department of Cognitive Science. Following this work, interns may be able to move into a paid position, or be qualified to find work as a dolphin trainer at other facilities. In addition, the possibility of doing graduate work - including designing and conducting your own cognitive research - at Point Loma may also be an option.

- American citizenship
- Available for 3 days/week, full time, 6:30-2:30, for duration of program
- Must be enrolled for college credits throughout (University or Community College ok)
- Begins Sept 10, 2018
- Application DEADLINE: JULY 29, 2018

Please contact Dr. Johnson - at c8johnson@ucsd.edu - for further details and an application.

Christine M. Johnson PhD
Dolphin Cognition Lab
Dept. of Cognitive Science
University of California, San Diego