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NEWS LINKS: Wind farms and whales, fossil whales, strandings and more

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Paleontologists find hoard of fossils, even a whale's skeleton, near Va. quarry
Washington Post
Video: Alton Dooley has been digging for miocene-era whale fossils at the Martin Marietta Carmel Church quarry excavation site for about 20 years. One of the richest fossil beds on the east coast, especially for the miocene era, the dig yields an ...
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Wind farms blamed for stranding of whales
Offshore wind farms are one of the main reasons why whales strand themselves on beaches, according to scientists studying the problem. By Simon Johnson 6:53AM GMT 15 Mar 2011 Environmentalists have blamed submarines' sonar and a ground-breaking study ...
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Shot whale washes up on beach
A rare whale that is believed to have been shot washed up at Stephens Bay near Kaiteriteri yesterday. The whale, which had marks on its tail that looked like entry and exit wounds from a bullet, has been refloated. Department of Conservation Motueka ...
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SeaWorld may put trainers back with orcas
A killer whale attacked and killed a trainer in front of a horrified audience at a SeaWorld Orlando show Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2010. In this photo, the orca named Tillikum is seen minutes after the incident. (KABC Photo) ORLANDO, Fla. ...
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No Binoculars Needed For Noah And The Whale Watching
The Frisky (blog)
Noah and the Whale are the kind of cute British boys who wear suspenders, strum ukuleles, and name themselves after their favorite indie movie. (Which would be “The Squid and the Whale,” directed by Noah Bumbach.) Oh, and did we mention the whistling? ...
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Mystery Humpback Whale Breeding Ground Discovered?
Our Amazing Planet
By Charles Q. Choi, OurAmazingPlanet Contributor The endangered humpback whale was once on the brink of extinction due to the whaling practices of the first half of the 20th century. Now, thanks to international protection, their numbers have ...
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Our Amazing Planet
Sperm Whales With Names: A 2012 Reflection On Our Wasted Human Existence
Death and Taxes
[Would man have killed so many whales if we thought they had names?] New research speculates that sperm males “announce” themselves with the use of individualistic clicks. “Subtle variations in sperm-whale calls suggest that individuals announce ...
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Whale pioneers set to sell out
Fraser Coast Chronicle
THEY are the reason Hervey Bay is known as the whale-watching capital of the world but now Brian and Jill Perry are setting sail on a new adventure – retirement. The founders of Hervey Bay Whale Watch have put their iconic business on the market and ...
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Call of the Whales Leads to a Retreat's Discovery
New York Times
By SINDYA N. BHANOO By studying whale calls, scientists have discovered that thousands of humpbacks may be wintering and breeding in the remote northwestern Hawaiian islands. Although the main Hawaiian islands are the principal breeding ground for ...
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The Great Whaling Debate: Were the Sea Shepherds' Actions Necessary?
GreenAnswers (blog)
You may recall that I wrote an article earlier this year explaining the debate about Japan's scientific whaling program. However, an intriguing development has occurred. As of February 17, 2011, the Japanese whaling fleet has been officially recalled ...
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Noah & The Whale: The Last Night On Earth | Music | Music Review ...
After the twee-folk of its first two albums, Noah & The Whale winningly shifts gears with the glimmering synth-pop of The Last Night On Earth. The change is evident immediately on the opener, “Life Is Life,” with staccato keyboard lines ...
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Go Whale Watching and See Gray Whales in Puget Sound | Puget Sound ...
By Admin
Puget Sound Express is excited to offer our customers the opportunity to see the annual migration of gray whales in Puget Sound waters March 5-April 30, 2011. Each spring, majestic gray whales migrate from the southern waters near Baja, ...
Puget Sound Express - http://www.pugetsoundexpress.com/
Interesting Reading #705 – Sperm Whale Have Names? Console games ...
By Marshall Brain
Sperm Whales May Have Names – “Subtle variations in sperm-whale calls suggest that individuals announce themselves with discrete personal identifier. To put it another way, they might have names….” ...
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Migrating With Mum: A Whale Story
By Past Member
A Humpback whale and her calf migrate north to frolic and feast with other Humpbacks.
Protect Wildlife & the Environment - http://www.care2.com/causes/environment/

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